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School Cultural and Co curricular Activities

GATPS Munnar
It includes participation of students in Republic Day celebration, participation in Inter school dance competitions, PTA gatherings, Usage of community resources for the development of the school, An Alumni providing LCD projector to the school and Distribution of kits and tablets to the children during the pandemic situation.
03 Aug

Gatps Munnar_Don't Waste Food Campaign


Food is essential for every living Organism, Every year millions of tons of food that is being produced in the kitchen are thrown away without consuming. At the same time, there are millions of children in poor countries such as Uganda, Republic of Congo, Kenya or Sudan where people die because of starvation. This stark contrast between t

02 Aug

Government Anglo Tamil Primary School, Munnar_GATPS MUNNAR


Munnar- The Kashmir Of South India holds its scenic beauty along with its historical privilege.Govt Anglo Tamil Primary School is such a school which adds beauty to this hill town and also remains as the evidence of Munnar’s history. This Government school is a traditional landmark which is still withstanding the test of time till date since the British Era.It also proves its excellence in Education.


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